I am Heather. I was born and raised in Southern California, but can’t admit this without insisting I spent a chunk of my teens in Colorado Springs. After graduating from high school at sixteen, I earned my BA from Colorado College and spent three semesters as a grad student at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. I currently live in Washington State, where I freelance edit and book coach, tutor students of all ages, and practice ballet in the forest. I am represented by Sarah Davies of Greenhouse Literary Agency and am a Pitch Wars mentor. It’s worth mentioning that I’m rather obsessed with the weather.

Please note that I’ve been off and on blogging here since 2008 when I was seventeen (!). This space is where I let myself be messy, embrace typos, and long sentences. I waffle and rant and my mom says I should start being more professional. Maybe someday, but not yet. While some old (and new) posts are outrageously embarrassing, a tad dark (looking at you, early 2011), and rather pointless, I invite you to enjoy my frequent moving tangents and weather dramatics.

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Contact Heather via the form below or at heatherezellbooks@gmail.com. For Work & Rights Inquiries please contact Sarah Davies at Greenhouse Literary Agency






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