I Won’t Apologize.

I think it’s time to face the facts. I’m a terrible blogger. Horrible. If there was an award for Worst Blogger of All Time, my name would be engraved on it. The saddest part of my slacking? I really have no excuse.

Okay, so, yeah. I have a FEW excuses. I’ve been incredibly absorbed in my A FEAR OF TEARS revision. So absorbed that I finished two weeks before my deadline (I’m wrapping up the copy edits now). And alright, my house has been kind of crazy. We’ve had guests staying for days at a time, I got new glasses, my twenty-one-year-old sister has been making more (highly welcomed!) appearances, the dogs are crazy, my younger brother (14) and sister (15) are as weird as ever, it’s been cloudy, it’s been sunny, I was deathly ill for three days but found recovery…

See? A plethora of excuses.

But really… REALLY… I could have easily updated this poor dusty site amidst all the “turmoil”. And honestly, when is life not hectic? When are we not scrambling to stretch every last second of every last day? I guess the truth is that blogging has fallen beneath all of my real greater priorities.

Such as the AFOT revision, which I finished and am truly so proud of, or spending time with my family before I move 1000 miles away this January, and taking care of my body, or just simply enjoying the day I’m experiencing. Hell! If skimping out on blogging means a happier, more content life, then I’m going to skimp like a PRO. Because seriously, it’s been a beautiful month. And that’s what matters. Enjoying what I have, what I did do, rather than focusing on the things I didn’t. Like, er, blogging. Or making those appointments to see my hematologist and orthopedic and remembering to take all my damn medication.

Life isn’t about the endless lists of setbacks and forgotten To Do lists. It’s about the smiles we find within all of those cloudy (or in my typical case, hot) blistered days.

From the Montage at Laguna Beach, California – Featured in AFOT.
Anyhow, like I said I finished the A FEAR OF TEARS revision. I’m so pleased with my work. I finally can recognize that I have grown as a writer. I’m not sure what will happen with the manuscript – if it’ll finally be picked up, or if another revision will be needed, or if it’ll simply grow moldy in the back of my closet – but I’m proud of it. I know that I put my soul into the book, and that means so much to me.

Now I’m trying to figure out what direction I’m headed next in terms of writing. I believe a FALLING INTO YESTERDAY revision is in my near future, but I don’t want to start that until I receive my highly awaited “notes” from a Very Important Person. So, until then, I think I’ll read through the manuscript and let my mind brew. I need to figure out the sequel and clear a few questions up.

From the Montage at Laguna Beach, California – Featured in AFOT.
Whatever the case, life is good. I hope everyone has enjoyed their autumn so far! What are you all doing for Halloween? I MAY document my night, but we’ll see. 😉 All I have to say is that I’ll surely be rocking my wings.

Tilted Muttering.

September 21st. I’m still sitting here. Typing away at this dining room table, sipping my tea, gulping my coffee. I’ve become a master of eating noddles with chopsticks. I’m ridiculously proud of my new skill.

My A FEAR OF TEARS revision is going fabulously. Even more so now that I have a real deadline. October 25th. I spent all of the summer skipping around the country and doing close to no work, so getting back to the real grind of ten hour writing days (give or take) feels so good. Like jumping into that chilled pool on a blistering hot day.

My move to the Rockies is just around the corner. It’s 41 degrees in Colorado Springs today (in September!). It’s 102 here. I think I may be in for a bit of shock come January. Snow? What’s snow? Is it something you eat? Hm. I guess I’ll have to see.

I want to fly to Alaska tomorrow morning. Who’s with me?

Oh. No one? Well, I guess I should go make some more ginger jasmine tea and get back to writing.

Until next time!

A Letter of Random.

To Whom It May Concern:

It’s September. The month of school, Santa Ana winds, an abundance of coffee, and wildfires. Outside the air is gray, murky, and toxic. It’s not clouding sitting above my head but a thick layer of smoke. They say Southern California is paradise but is it really a trap? The vain and the rich get the pleasure of watching their world burn up every year. Oh, yes, it sounds like a fabulous life to me.

Life is kind of fast. It’s kind of absurd, too.
In a week I’ve concluded that:

I miss conversing through comments with my affiliates. Being a writer hermit in a cave has its perks, but it also has its fall backs. I miss my friend’s blogs! Can I not have it all? Sleep is such a waste of time. I should invest in drinking more than my usual 5 mugs of coffee a day. Coffee is so good for the soul. I think I’d parish without coffee.

Keep your thoughts on southern California (specifically LA right now), friends. Fire Season has just begun, the Santa Ana’s haven’t even started, and we have a long autumn ahead of us. I’m safe. I plan to hide under my dining room table with my laptop and write. The toxic smoke infused air can’t touch me here!

I mentioned I’m moving to Colorado, right?

Okay, back to AFOT and yummy Hayden Mason!

Not Really Goodbye.

I’ve been slacking. I know. Epic fail, right? I have a bounty of fabulous excuses. I was in Seattle for a week, I had another health scare, I’ve been on the hunt for a part-time job, I’ve been writing… But really, my lack of blogging all comes down to one simple thing: I simply don’t feel the need to blog.

I’m a novelist. I write novels. That is my joy, my passion, the truth of my pursuit. I’ve been suffering from an imbalance since the spring, where I focused more on marketing and blogging and getting my voice “out there”, that I neglected the actual craft of writing.

I mean, I’ve definitely been writing. Just not as much as I feel should be.

There is a time for everything and I do think that my last six months of blogging exposure was vital, but right now I’m switching gears. I’m jumping head first into A FEAR OF TEARS revisions, and soon, will probably take another look at my completed draft of FALLING INTO YESTERDAY. I’ll be getting a part time job soon, as I need income to feed my life and I’m hoping to move out to Colorado by next year.

I’ve had quite a few hopeful publishing moments this summer. In fact, I’m still waiting to hear back from a certain agent from a certain literary management company. I can honestly say that I don’t know what to expect. I’m optimistic, but who knows! The point of the matter is, I refuse to go stagnant and I’m more inspired to pursue publication then I’ve ever been.

My “blogging” is going to be slowing down. I’ll still keep this place active, with updates and whatever thoughts that come to mind, but my offline writing will be my main focus. I treat my books as my career, and now that summer is over, it’s time for me to get down to be business.

You will definitely be seeing me around but until then…

Remember to smile. 🙂

A Few Words…

… but mostly photos. 😉

As of a few hours ago, I’m eighteen years old. Happy birthday to me, right? I’m pleasantly content and honestly kind of out of it. Really just feeling blessed right now. So far this epic (primarily northern) California road trip has been lovely. I always forget how incredible this state is. I must say, I’m without a doubt a northern girl. I prefer the redwoods, rain, foggy beaches, and green scenery over the southern tropical brown heat any day.

I’ve been soaking up every moment of this trip, primarily in the wonderful Humboldt County. This place has a sketchy reputation (thanks to marijuana farming), but it’s so laid back and remarkably beautiful here. The ideal spot for me to spend my last few days of being seventeen!

Today we’re heading 200 miles south to San Francisco. The Bay Area! YES. My old home. 🙂 It shall be a wonderful birthday indeed. I won’t be back in Orange County until Wednesday, and then Thursday I head even further north to Seattle! It seems my birthday celebrations will extend all through August.

I’d love to get deep and really dive into my thoughts in terms of my new age, but I must pass out so I have some energy to wander San Francisco later today. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to grab a few minutes of spare time to write more, but until then, a few visuals for everyone:

Yosemite, CATenya Lake, CAFerndale, CARedwood Forest, CAHumboldt County, CAGot Soy?

Enjoy your week!