Hello & Goodbye.

This is a quick post. Basically, just a hello and a goodbye! For the next twelve days I’ll be traveling up and around California – hitting up the Yosemite, the American Fork River (hello river rafting), Napa Valley, the Redwood Forest and Humboldt County, San Francisco (hello old home!), Big Sur, and lastly, San Louis Obispo.

Sibling Time
Will we survive 12 days straight together?
During this time I’ll be turning eighteen (August 9th), so be sure to send me some happy birthday vibes! Most likely, I won’t be posting again until I return from the road and before I depart for the skies (aka Seattle). I hope everyone has a beautiful start to their August!

Quick Update.

I’m home, back in Orange County and desperately missing Hannah and Lauren. My week in Ohio was definitely something of beauty and I was sad to see it end.

Niles, Ohio
Ironically enough, my health issues flared up the day after I returned home and in result, I’ve been taking it easy. I’m not exactly certain what’s going on with my body, but I’m crossing my fingers that this is just a random rough few days. I won’t be able to get my blood work tested until August 21st, so let’s hope things don’t get worse. Meanwhile, I’m happily continuing through my A FEAR OF TEARS revision.

I have an insanely busy month ahead filled with traveling (a long road trip up the coast of California followed by a week in Seattle) and writing. Combined with my recent decrease in health, I’m thinking blogging may become a bit more random. I also turn 18 on the 9th of August while in Eureka, CA. So, that will be… neat.

Basically, expect random, quick, and photo heavy entries until September, if anything. I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their summer!


Thanks to an abundance of writing, packing, and an endless to-do list, I didn’t have a chance to blog before I departed Southern California for Pennsylvania on Monday. I’m currently sitting beside my dear friend Hannah in a beautiful little town in Ohio, totally at peace with life. I’m thrilled to announce that I left my damn blues behind in Orange County.

Warren, Ohio
Warren, Ohio
This week has truly been incredible. I shall now go back to living it. 🙂


My 4th of July was hot, giddy, and yummy. There were some unexpected surprises and a few little bumps, but in the end, I think everyone was happy and relaxed. And that’s how holiday is meant to be spent, right?

Firework time.
Smile, smile, smile.

I always find it intriguing how holidays bring people together. Events like Independence Day are especially interesting to me.

My typically-empty neighborhood lake park area was transformed into a melting pot of friends and family, everyone joining together for a festival of music and laughter. Maybe I’m just cheesy (OK – I am), but it makes me spin when vast amounts of people unite in celebration. I didn’t even mind the plastic Orange County folk!

Just a tiny cluster of the large lake.

Anyhow, I’m just rambling. I’m off to go spend my last few days with my Quebecer (Quibecian? Je ne sais pas!) friend before she departs back to Canada. Don’t pass out in the summer heat!

Sun, Sun, Sun.

I interrupt my frenzy of non-blog writing to announce a little white treasure I found in the clearance section of CVS….



This is big, guys. BIG! As you can see in the photo*, I have super fair skin. And as you may know, I live in Orange County… AKA, the land above Mexico. The sun is strong here, intense and hot. It doesn’t matter how much sunblock you use, your skin still gets major exposure. In my old bedroom I’d get tan from simply lying in bed.

While I typically only buy all natural vegan skin products, I couldn’t hold back when I saw “SPF 100+”. I skipped around the store and called a fellow pale-skin friend of mine. She lives in San Diego, a bit further south, and was sickly jealous of my find.

I don’t care what the SPF-above-50-skeptics think, I’m thrilled to take the extra leap and use this stuff on my morning hikes and outdoor errands. Trust me, I’ll be thankful for these precautions fifty years from now. 😉

Anyhow, I will now return to my dark cave of writing. New scenes and plot twists for FALLING INTO YESTERDAY are churning out at a rapid speed, which feels absolutely amazing. Do expect more site content on both of my books.

So tell me, what are your opinions on sunscreen?

* Sorry for the photo-fuzz, I was using Photo Booth and the lighting in my room is odd.