Nothing Left to Burn

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Coming from Razorbill / Penguin Spring 2018!


The Sunday morning after she loses her virginity, 16-year-old Audrey Harper is evacuated from the path of the deadly wildfire sweeping Orange County. As the encroaching flames propel her to try and salvage her family’s home, Audrey recalls her early summer days with Brooks – the charismatic volunteer firefighter who has become the all-consuming passion in her life. Charming, mercurial, and scarred in equal measures, Brooks is haunted by his older brother’s suicide as he goes in to face his first blaze. Attempting to make sense of their relationship’s descent into  potential arson, Audrey must return to Brooks’ very first lie.

However, Brooks and the fire aren’t all that’s demanding Audrey’s attention. Her 13-year-old sister, a cancer survivor, fainted during her ballet audition – an audition Audrey walked out on three years ago.

It’s in the burning foothills above her school that Audrey must not only shatter Brooks’ fictions, but also finally acknowledge her own truths – regardless of the waiting red and blue flashing lights.

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