Ezell Edits!

Who would you be working with?

I miss this hatI’m the young adult author of NOTHING LEFT TO BURN (releasing Spring ’18). It shouldn’t be a surprise that my first true passion was and remains writing young adult fiction. My ultimate act of devotion. I started querying shortly after my middle school fan-fiction days and have been working with critique partners ever since. I wrote my first novel at thirteen, revised with an agent at fifteen, wrote a second book at sixteen, and–though I didn’t sign with an agent until some eight years later–I was constantly learning through the thick of it. Now, I love love love working with fellow authors and helping them craft and polish the novel of their dreams.

I earned my BA from Colorado College in English and Creative Writing, where I was known for my lengthy, enthusiastic feedback letters. I’ve also completed three semesters of an MFA in Creative Writing–more noteworthy not for the graduate workshops but for the experience of teaching composition. I know how to work with all writers, all ages and levels, both in terms of idea and approach but also the technical and the flow.

And, yet, I’m also a once high school drop out who worked her way into her dream school, the aforementioned Colorado College, somehow beating its below 1% transfer acceptance rate. How? I interviewed well and interwove my passion, skill sets, and individual zest into my application essays. Later, as a senior at Colorado College, my role was reversed. I worked as an Admission Fellow: interviewing over two hundred applicants, composing extensive write ups on those interviews, and sitting in on several admission committee meetings. And now? Now I adore helping students from all backgrounds work their way into the school of their heart, through interview coaching and essay crafting.

As an instructor at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, I prided myself not only on teaching students how to write compelling academic essays, but on discovering their voice, maybe even finding their love for writing, as well as a gusto to reread, revise, reread, edit. Teaching compositions thrills me (I’m not kidding!), as does working with students in college writing centers–helping writers of all backgrounds develop and craft their projects, either from word zero or on a nearly-there final draft. If you’re in a rut with an essay and need some tutoring, some inspiration, some revision guidance, I’m here.

It all comes back to my love for writing and editing. The craft. The dance. The priming.

Creative manuscripts, academic papers, cover letters and college applications–if you have a writing project, I’d love to help! Email me at ezelledits@gmail.com to get started.