Academic Writing Feedback.

Is your campus Writing Center all booked? Is it across town, closed, too intimidating, inconsistent, non-existent?

I’m here to act as your remote writing center style tutor. While English is my specialty, I’m open to papers across the disciplines. And I especially love working on creative, personal projects.

As an instructor myself, I’m adept at reading between the lines and interpreting fellow instructors’ sometimes confusing prompts and assignments. I understand what they want to see (and absolutely don’t want to see), and I can help you shape your essay into something you’ll be proud to share and that meets the assignment’s requirements.

Please think of working with me more as an individual writing center experience rather than a fix-it shop editor. I am a writing tutor and have experience as a writing teacher, so I will push you not only to craft your best essay possible for your current assignment and trim your unwieldily sentences but–more importantly–to grow and learn as a writer.

I earned my BA from Colorado College in English and Creative Writing and started my MFA from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, where I taught college composition at the freshmen and sophomore level. Additionally, I’ve been a teaching assistant in high school English classrooms and have worked in writing centers for over five years.

Consultation Options & Pricing

Resume & Cover Letter $17 per feedback round.
Essays 0500-2000 words: $20 per feedback round.
Essays 2000-3000 words: $25 per feedback round.
Essays over 3000 words: $30 per feedback round.
Ground Zero Essays: $40 deposit per feedback round.
The Ground Zero package may be a good fit for you if you’re still struggling to get started on your paper, or you have a messy outline and skeleton of a draft and need to do some brainstorming work. Either over Skype or through email, we will have an ongoing conversation in aims of helping you develop a strong thesis and a knockout paper.

Don’t see what you need listed? Email me and we’ll work it out. I’m flexible and have experience working with a variety of projects!

My turnaround rate is generally within three days but if you need help ASAP don’t hesitate to contact me: I may be available! Please note that rush orders (anything under 24 hours) will cost an additional $15.

PAYMENTS: All payments must be made through PayPal in full. Once I’ve received your payment, I’ll begin my feedback ASAP.



Please message me using the contact form below with the subject line: ACADEMIC TUTORING. If you’re in a rush and the due date is within 24 hours please make the subject line: URGENT ACADEMIC TUTORING. In all cases, I generally respond within 4 hours in regards to whether or not I’ll be able to accommodate you and we’ll go from there in regards to payments.

In your initial email, if you can, send over a copy of your draft (as a Word doc), the assignment prompt and any relevant materials. Please do your best to explain your project and include both its current and required word count. Let me know what you’re struggling with, what you need the most help on, and the due date. This will help me gauge the extent of time needed to work with you.

While I focus more on your content and incorporation of research, I will note if I spot reoccurring grammar or MLA issues and offer examples and explanations for how to fix it. If you’re needing purely APA or Chicago Style assistance, I’m probably not the best tutor for you. However, I’m happy to help with the content non-formatting elements of all essays!






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I will not write your essay. I am a remote tutor and, while I may make an edit suggestion, our work together will be more along the lines of a conversation–where the weaknesses are, how you can strengthen them, how to feed your thesis, etc. Regardless, I recommend you refer to your school’s plagiarism policy to ensure academic integrity. Also, while I provide opportunities for collaborative feedback on writing projects, the quality of the final product always rests with the writer.