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Some background: I’m a once high school dropout who worked her way into her dream school, Colorado College, somehow beating the 1% transfer acceptance rate. How? I interviewed well and crafted specific, unique application essays. I conveyed my passion and worth ethic and, in the end, I like to think that I made it clear that CC needed to accept me.

Later, as a senior at Colorado College, my role was reversed. I worked as an Admission Fellow: interviewing over two hundred applicants, composing extensive write-ups on those interviews, and sitting in on several admission committee meetings. I now know what’s striking in interviews, know what’s over said, know how critical it is not to capture what you think an admission committee wants to see but rather your own unique voice idiosyncrasies.

And now? Now I adore helping students from all backgrounds work their way into the school of their heart, through interview coaching and essay crafting. But more importantly, I really simply love to help students reach their full potential and have the best shot possible at attending their dream school.


Why work with a coach?

The college application essay(s) can make or break your chances at acceptance. I’ve seen it in action during those committee meetings. When three students have equal qualifications (high GPAs and test scores, similar extracurriculars, etc.), college admissions officers look to the scoring of their application essays and their interviews. Meaning, often enough, a student is offered a spot at a university ultimately by the merit of their writing (and, if applicable, interviewing skills).

Why work with me? I LOVE helping students develop and prime their essays and prep for potential interviews.

I will NOT write your essay for you nor will I demand that you write about a different subject than your choosing. I want YOU to tell your powerful story; for those admission counselors to hear your voice, not mine. I do not over-edit but rather coach you to find the best way to say what you want to convey, reveal your passion, and craft the essay that ONLY you could possibly write. I will help sharpen your voice, so it’s heard through your words and sticks in the admission counselor’s head for days to come.



Essay Development – $50 per essay, including two revisions
This package is for when you’ve already drafted your essays. While I’ll ask you to give me some history about yourself prior to my reading, I’ll dive right into giving you feedback on all of the essays in your application. We will work together on sharpening your topic, revealing striking details while conveying important info, and crafting a strong and memorable essay. After the second revision, each additional round will be $10.

Word Zero Essays – $60 down payment, $25 per revision round
The Ground Zero package may be a good fit for you if you’re still struggling to get started on your essays–if you’re totally blocked or only have a messy scribble of ideas–and need to do some brainstorming work. Either through email or over Skype, we will have an ongoing conversation in aims of helping you find your story and write knockout application essays.

Interview Coaching – $60 dollar per hour
Over Skype, I will prepare for your college interview. I’ll share the framework behind the interview, prepare you for a variety of questions and a variety of different interviewees, and coach you on how to convey your individual story. We’ll hold several mock interviews and I’ll “score” you as most college admission offices do (and as I did when it was my job!).

The Whole Package – starting with a $100 down payment
If you need assistance with all elements of the application process, I’m your girl. We will get your essays in tip-top, one of a kind shape and have you ready to rock your interview (however, services are not limited to this!). Rates do vary depending on how much time you need and where you are at in your process, so please contact me and we can work it out from there.   

Payment: All payments must be made through PayPal in full to secure booking. However, if your service will cost over $100, contact me via email if you require a payment plan. Please keep in mind that if you need feedback and edits in under 48 hours of delivery time, there is a $15 fee.







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“Thank you for helping my daughter with her college application essays.  I really enjoyed working with you because you understood the student’s point of view, parent concerns, and the college admission process. The frequency and level of communication were exactly what I needed. Most of all, I appreciate the valuable insight you gave my daughter which ultimately paid off with acceptance to one of her top choice schools. I also liked the ‘essay package’ arrangement which was very reasonable and worth every penny.”