I’m Heather. I was born and raised in Southern California, but can’t admit this without insisting I spent a chunk of my teens in Colorado Springs. After graduating from high school at sixteen, I earned my BA from Colorado College.  I later spent some time as a grad student at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks and discovered a passion for teaching college composition, a love for -20 degrees, and a distinct terror of endless daylight. I left Alaska for Washington State, where I now freelance edit and book coach, copywrite, tutor students of all ages, and practice ballet in the forest. I’m represented by Sarah Davies of Greenhouse Literary Agency. I’m also a proud Pitch Wars mentor. It’s worth mentioning, in case you haven’t noticed, that I’m rather obsessed with the weather.

Please note that I’ve been off and on blogging here since 2008 when I was seventeen (!). This space is where I let myself be messy, embrace typos, and long sentences. I  (sometimes/used to) waffle and rant and my mom says I should start being more professional. Maybe someday, but not yet. While some old (and new) posts are outrageously embarrassing, a tad dark (looking at you, early 2011), and rather pointless, I invite you to enjoy my past frequent moving tangents and weather dramatics.

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You can reach out to me personally using the form below or at heatherezellbooks@gmail.com. For rights inquiries please contact Sarah Davies at Greenhouse Literary Agency






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