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I’m a long-time freelance editor and writing tutor, a once college composition instructor, a Pitch Wars mentor, and a trained Author Accelerator book coach. But why work with me? I’m passionate and don’t do a thing half-hearted. As your editor, you can bet that I’ll give you all that I have to push you to better develop your novel into dynamite. But, more importantly, I hope to help you better refine your craft and gain the utmost confidence in your work. I’m adept at helping writers with character development, world building, sharpening stakes, and fine-tuning the beats. As a lyrical writer myself, I love fleshing out rhythm and magic in prose.

Whether you have a messy first draft or a heavily revised manuscript that’s nearly ready to go, I offer editorial packages that will push you to reach your goals.

My typical approach to a project is to complete an initial no-touch read on my Kindle and then, depending on your purchased packaged, I complete one to three reads in Word. All past clients are always welcome to email me with questions, brainstorming, and general follow-ups. I’m not currently taking on proofreads or copy edits, but do contact me if you’d like a referral!



“If you’re the type of crazy person who has no business writing a book and does so anyway, you need Heather! I scoured the internet to find a freelance editor who was a perfect fit. Heather has been like having a writers’ reference library at my fingertips. Not knowing what I didn’t know, Heather gave me insight on what the underlying current of my story was, how to pinpoint my characters’ motivations, and where to kill my darlings. If you feel stuck in your writing or need a pair of critical (yet encouraging) expert eyes, investing in Heather’s editing services will give you the second wind to move forward confidently.”

–Noelle Williams

“I was lucky enough to be Heather’s 2016 Pitch Wars mentee, and I’m STILL pinching myself that she chose me. Heather is an absolute dream to work with, and when she’s in, she’s all in. Heather doesn’t do anything at 50% – she dives in head first and is fully committed. Aside from that, Heather is such a talented writer. The first edit letter I received from her was comprehensive and detailed, and her ideas were spot-on. Heather truly got my story and what I wanted to do, and her suggestions took my manuscript to the next level. While I was revising, Heather was always available, so I could text or email whenever I was feeling stuck, and she’d get back to me right away with tons of encouragement. That’s the thing about working with Heather – you’re getting an editor with so much expertise and talent, but you’re also getting a cheerleader and friend.

Not only did my manuscript improve by leaps and bounds, but so did my writing. After two months of working with Heather, I had a fully revised manuscript that I was incredibly proud of, not to mention a great friend. I started querying my manuscript right when Pitch Wars ended, and one month later I had an offer of representation from an amazing agent. I joke that Heather is my manuscript’s fairy godmother because it really feels that way. I cannot recommend her highly enough!!” 

–Rachel Griffin, represented by Melissa Sarver White at Folio Lit

“I knew the moment Heather replied to my first email that she was the perfect editor for me. This was my first time going through a freelance editor, and she made the whole process so exciting and enjoyable. She answered all of my many questions and guided me through with so much ease. Because of her I was able to cut my manuscript down from 120k plus words to 80k words, and her feedback made doing that a piece of cake! I am so proud and grateful to have found her editing services.”

–Randi Weigel

“I was struggling with my story arc in a dual POV novel and hired Heather for a developmental edit. She was very supportive of my work and always ready to champion my characters! With her suggestions, my novel took on a sharper shape and definitely improved. I would not have gone in that direction on my own and am grateful for her insight. Thanks, Heather!”

–Alexandra Latos, represented by Hilary McMahon of Westwood Creative Artists Ltd

“Heather is a combination thoughtful-thorough editor. She read my piece multiple times, mulled it over, and was able to synthesize her opinions into a helpful edit letter that tied together the line edits she’d punched throughout my text. I had so many revision rounds under my belt at this point, and her fresh perspective was what I needed to grasp the overhaul that would have to happen in order for a publisher to take my manuscript seriously. My suggestion for anyone considering Heather as an editor is to tell her your concerns about your piece in advance, your biggest insecurities. I did that, and she kept them in mind, was able to address each.”

–Raimey Gallant, shortlisted winner for the Crime Writers of Canada Unhanged Arthur Ellis Award


Editing Packages

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Only want your first 50 pages critiqued? Contact me and we’ll work it out! 

This service is my FAVORITE as it feeds into my love of teaching and mentorship. It’s geared toward writers in development–whether she is in the first drafting stage, revising chapter by chapter (or section by section), or working to hone her craft. Our approach will vary based on your level, your goals, and what you’re looking for in a writing coach. You’ll receive support (I’m the best advocate you’ll find aside from yourself), comprehensive feedback as you work, accountability, and email priority.

My coaching is open-ended to ensure that it is specifically catered to each individual writer but I do encourage writers to set a deadline: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly submissions. All submissions receive comprehensive feedback on the work itself through line edits and discussion (Skype, phone, or email).

READER REPORT $.006/word
My reader report on your manuscript will offer you a full professional overview of your manuscript, highlighting what is already working, what isn’t quite working. This overall one to three-page critique will detail my impressions and offer a bounty of suggestions for a productive and efficient revision.

Developmental editing includes detailed feedback on your full manuscript, with great attention paid to character development, plot, pacing, setting, research, and style. Expect a full read-through of your manuscript and a detailed editorial letter of approximately six pages.

LINE EDITING $.01/word
Want someone to get nitty gritty with your manuscript? My line edits are for you. I will gleefully scrutinize word choice, syntax, voice, rhythm, dialogue, and more. Don’t be alarmed if I send back over hundred comments on thirty pages! I want to encourage you to question every line and word, every beat and image, and I enjoy doing so. My line editing includes annotations and edits that will challenge you to polish, elaborate, specify, and more.
A combination line + developmental edit starts at $.015/word.

I offer sensitivity reads on books dealing with chronic illness, eating disorders, bisexuality, and mental illness. A sensitivity read will include an editorial letter considering the representations, areas of weakness, and potential biases and harmful language. Your manuscript should be polished and ready for the submission. Please email me and we can discuss your novel and decide if I’m the right person to complete a sensitivity read.

Up to 10 pages. A thorough critique of your first chapter, with line edits, comments, and overall feedback.

A critique of your query letter, 2-page synopsis, and 10 sample pages. All pieces will receive line notes and detailed comments, priming you for agent querying.



All payments under $500 must be made through PayPal or Venmo in full to secure booking. Payment plans are available! If you’re booking more than two weeks in advance I  require a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure your editorial slot. My pricing is subject to increase as demand grows. Repeat clients are guaranteed their original price point for their second round of service.



Please include the package you’re interested in, your experience with receiving feedback, and the title, word count, and genre of your manuscript!





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