Pre-Order Thank You Gift

Hi, hello, NOTHING LEFT TO BURN drops onto bookshelves and doorsteps and into mailboxes on March 13th! As a thank you to those who pre-order, I’m gifting bookish love to all who desire, as well as hosting a grand prize giveaway. Haven’t yet pre-ordered? Now’s your chance to ensure you receive NOTHING LEFT TO BURN as soon as it releases, as well as some fun in the mail from me!

You can pre-order NOTHING LEFT TO BURN at the links below & beyond!


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1. Pre-order a copy of NOTHING LEFT TO BURN before March 13th, 2018.

2. Email heatherezellbooks@gmail.com with your name, mailing address, and proof of purchase (digital receipt, screenshot of order confirmation, etc.) — proof of purchase isn’t required; while it’s admittedly quite fun to see said receipts, I know it’s something of an annoyance to track down, especially if you pre-ordered sometime back!

4. OR fill out this easy-peasy Google form!

3. Gifts will be sent out on a rolling basis for as long as supplies last!


The Simple & Sweet Thank You Gift

In other words, an envelope full of NOTHING LEFT TO BURN joy; international

a glorious firey bookmark
a dreamy pool and flames bookplate signed by yours truly
a custom NLTB postcard!
a customed designed map print of Orange County/the world of NLTB to follow Audrey through her day (and see where the fire burns) (note: I’ve run out of the limited edition large map print shown below but don’t fret — small postcard maps prevail AND they’ll fit perfectly inside your copy of NLTB!)




AND, because I’m obsessed with visiting the Post Office, everyone who pre-orders NOTHING LEFT TO BURN and sends over their info will automatically be entered to win one of two prizes.


The You Know You Want It Map Prize

One reader will win a signed (or not signed, your call) 18 x 24 NLTB map (and chocolate), because who doesn’t want this gorgeous psychedelic representation of NLTB on their wall?



Click here for a closer look at the map and here for a sense of the size (please disregard the poor quality of the photo!), designed by the fabulous Catherine Scully! I also blogged about the story behind its creation! Read it!

A NOTE ON THE MAP: Yes, OC residents and those in the know, this map isn’t totally accurate! It’s not meant to be accurate but rather representative of Audrey’s evacuation day (and glimpses of the spots she visits in the summer) and what locations she’d focus on in sketching said map (go read the aforementioned blog for more info!). My apologies go out to those who live in the cities between the 55 and the 133, and Dove Canyon, you were banished for the sake of art. I love you.




And the luckiest of all NLTB readers will win a box full of CA themed fun, including everything photographed above plus MORE.

What’s in that chaotic photo/CA-NLTB themed box?

bookmark, signed bookplate, postcard

an In-N-Out t-shirt (because that’s what Audrey is wearing in the first chapter when she’s evacuated!)

a California Starbucks mug (because, no joke, there are five chapters set in Starbucks–I promise they are four REALLY good chapters)

a candle (flame!)

hand lotion & bracelet, for you or another

salt water taffy (because Brooks & Audrey visit Balboa Island and that chapter is titled salt water taffy!)

Rocky Mountain Factory chocolate covered gummy bears (because Colorado, which is in the Rocky Mountains, is mentioned twice and I love Colorado, of course)

What is NOT photographed is a map poster, additional chocolate if you like chocolate, a signed bookplate, and potential goodies I’ll acquire between now and then that I’ll toss into your box of wonders!


The last day to enter to win one of the two prizes is March 12th but I’ll be mailing out signed bookplates indefinitely (until supplies last). ALSO! For the family and friends not in the know and who are wondering what you do with a signed bookplate: in theory, you stick the bookplate in your copy of NOTHING LEFT TO BURN, or wherever you please, I suppose, and wala you have a signed copy of NLTB… or a signed refrigerator.